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Welcome to PNAC.Info

Welcome to PNAC.Info - an effort to investigate, analyze, and expose the Project for the New American Century*, and its plan for a “unipolar” world.

We are compiling information and analysis geared toward exposing the big-picture plan behind the current war in Iraq, and other foreign policy decisions of the current administration.

If you have any comments, links, or ideas, please feel free to post a comment below this message here.

Thank you for your visit.

Be well, be free,

Lance M. Brown

*often referred to as the “Project for a New American Century”

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Ed's Weblog

Raising awareness of PNAC

The other day I wrote to Robin Cook MP on the subject of PNAC and the war in Iraq, basically

The Gamer's Nook

A new site to track the PNAC

PNAC.info - Exposing the Project for the New American Century I’ve already added this to my Pundits blogroll. Good to

Steve Runge

Your homepage ought to have some kind of capsule statement of what PNAC represents, its close ties to defense contractors, who are its principal members, and what this means for democracy and global security.

I’d send this site to quite a few friends, but your homepage layout isn’t, to say the least, inviting to a neophyte. You need a short statement of what I mentioned above, so people won’t just surf away elsewhere without knowing just how bad PNAC is.

J. Lawrence Seymour

Lance: Are you a one man show or are there others in this project? I am all for it, but give me alist of your members. The web site links look inviting.

Ed Herbert

Have you read Norman Mailer’s new paperback “Why Are We at War” just published ? If you (rhetorically speaking) love true freedoms, and believe in the potential for greatness in this country that is now being trashed in exchange for empire and the hegemony of the mega-corporate-oligarchies, and you don’t want to see it stolen away slowly and surely from the last desperate grasp of average citizens, make sure you read this book and consider what we are all up against with PNAC and their sponsors. Then look at your children, and at that reflection in your mirror and take the measure of your stomach for the test that is coming for us all. The “flag waving” ultra right have thrown down the gauntlet to the world and all Americans. “Which side are you on” is not an irrelevant question anymore…


I agree with the comments by Steve Runge. The layout of your site is not user-friendly to someone unfamiliar with PNAC. I would also strongly suggest an Introductory page with a statement explaining what PNAC stands for, its political significance, and why it is dangerous.

Perhaps using easily understood analogies–such as comparing the PNAC to Hitler’s Mein Kampf, or explaining that the PNAC is essentially a blueprint for global American Empire, or saying that the PNAC envisions an “American World Order”–would be helpful.

Finally, you might want to *highlight* for special emphasis the following three articles about PNAC which summarize in easy-to-understand language what PNAC is all about.

-John Pilger’s “America’s Bid For Global Dominance”

-Neil McKay’s “Bush planned Iraq ‘regime change’ before becoming President” from the Sunday Herald

-Jay Bookman’s “The president’s real goal in Iraq”
from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution


makes me want to cry

glenn mcguire

I have found your site to be very informative and I am enclosing a link to a site which has recently posted Bill Moyers speech at the Take Back America Conference http://www.ourfuture.org/docUploads/Moyers.2.pdf
With your site, Lance, you are doing what Moyers has asked all Americans to do—Wake Up– and see the destruction of our country and our ideals at the hands corporate America.

Eddie Greenhill

I would be grateful if some of yoos
people who have started this website
could visit the BBC messageboard
“Great Debate - World Views”.
I have been shouting about “The Project”
on there for months and all I get from
the Americans who post, is that I am
anti-american/semitic or crazy
conspiricy theorist.
Americans talking about Kristol & Co
could really help me.
This is a great site!
Stop the Project! Good luck!


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Welcome to PNAC.info-- a site dedicated to drawing attention to the neoconservative foreign policy approach, and its consequences for America and the world.
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