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Hints of PNAC on CNN: “World War IV”?

William Schneider on CNN’s “American Morning” program today highlighted a talk given by former CIA Director James Woolsey’s, about “World War IV” (He counts the Cold War as number III). He says it will be between most of the Middle East and the so-called Western World. Speaking of the undesirable regimes in that area, he said (I paraphrase), “All these countries are going to feel threatened about our formula of democracy creeping in to their area. I say, ‘Good. We want them to feel threatened.’” Schneider then placed Woolsey as being closely allied with Rumsfeld, Perle, Wolfowitz, and others, and made the connection that many others have, that 9-11 was seized as an opportunity to carry out their pre-existing goals. He challenged Bush’s public assertion that this was not a clash of civilizations, pointing to the enormous global opposition to the U.S. and Britain’s Western agression.

Schneider closed by asserting that most Americans don’t want to dominate the world, which is primary premise behind the creation of this site. I believe that if most Americans can be made aware that our defense policy leadership apparently intends for us to do just that, they will react with strong opposition.

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The event was arranged by William Bennett, who is spearheading what seems to be a PNAC sister effort called Americans for Victory Over Terrorism.

Bennett Returns Fire at Pro-War Teach-In
At UCLA forum, conservative thinker answers critics of U.S. military effort in Iraq.

By Stuart Silverstein, L.A. Times Staff Writer

While battles rage in Iraq, prominent conservative thinker William J. Bennett is waging a parallel struggle in this country to win the hearts and minds of the nation’s college students.

On Wednesday night, he took his case to UCLA, asking an audience of about 300 students to consider the arguments in favor of the war in Iraq and a broader attack on terrorism.

“Did we have … sufficient reason and motivation and justification to go into Iraq?” Bennett asked his polite and attentive audience at Ackerman Union. “Absolutely…. It’s a dangerous world. It’s a particularly dangerous world since 9/11. The threshold for action has been lowered.”

Bennett is determined that teach-ins, a concept born during the antiwar protests of the 1960s, not be the exclusive province of liberals and leftists. This, in fact, was the third pro-war teach-in — the first on the West Coast — led by the former U.S. drug czar and education secretary on college campuses

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Here’s the UCLA student paper article about the Woolsey speech. http://www.dailybruin.ucla.edu/news/articles.asp?id=23578
Here’s the LA Times article about the same speech. Note that the Times treated it as somewhat amusing; neocon speech at teach-in at famously liberal university. http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-war-campus3apr03,1,6409877.story

Lance Brown

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The essay which I have enclosed was written in advance of the event described in the news article which immediately follows.


Ex-CIA director: U.S. faces ‘World War IV’

From Charles Feldman and Stan Wilson
Thursday, April 3, 2003 Posted: 5:02 PM EST (2202 GMT

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) — Former CIA Director James Woolsey said Wednesday the United States is engaged in World War IV, and that it could continue for years.

In the address to a group of college students, Woolsey described the Cold War as the third world war and said “This fourth world war, I think, will last considerably longer than either World Wars I or II did for us. Hopefully not the full four-plus decades of the Cold War.”

Woolsey has been named in news reports as a possible candidate for a key position in the reconstruction of a postwar Iraq.

He said the new war is actually against three enemies: the religious rulers of Iran, the “fascists” of Iraq and Syria, and Islamic extremists like al Qaeda.

Woolsey told the audience of about 300, most of whom are students at the University of California at Los Angeles, that all three enemies have waged war against the United States for several years but the United States has just “finally noticed.”

“As we move toward a new Middle East,” Woolsey said, “over the years and, I think, over the decades to come … we will make a lot of people very nervous.”

It will be America’s backing of democratic movements throughout the Middle East that will bring about this sense of unease, he said.

“Our response should be, ‘good!’” Woolsey said.

Singling out Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and the leaders of Saudi Arabia, he said, “We want you nervous. We want you to realize now, for the fourth time in a hundred years, this country and its allies are on the march and that we are on the side of those whom you — the Mubaraks, the Saudi Royal family — most fear: We’re on the side of your own people.”

Woolsey, who served as CIA director under President Bill Clinton, was taking part in a “teach-in” at UCLA, a series of such forums at universities across the nation.

A group calling itself “Americans for Victory Over Terrorism” sponsors the teach-ins, and the Bruin Republicans, UCLA’s campus Republicans organization, co-sponsored Wednesday night’s event.

The group was founded by former Education Secretary William Bennett, who took part in Wednesday’s event along with Paul Bremer, a U.S. ambassador during the Reagan administration and the former chairman of the National Commission on Terrorism.


I am grateful for my opportunity as an American, living in a free society, to freely question and query, debate and dissent, propose and dream, as part of the peaceful, non-violent, and civil discourse which preserves the freedom of our civilization and the openness of our society.

I encourage all of you to seek the answers and the truth within your own lives and awareness.

You will make the difference between American freedom and American tyranny.

You will make the difference between planetary unification and planetary extinction.

In the end only wisdom and patience, tolerance and respect, balance and restraint, communication and cooperation, will bring a new planetary order of peace, security, and stability through an awakened, enlightened, and free Humanity.

All preceding revolutions have failed, been sold out, been corrupted from within, because they were built solely on economic and political systems and accommodated the worst in human nature.
Our revolution must be one of heart, of awareness, of ideas . . . only then will it endure . . . only then will social, economic, and political systems be consciously and continuously reformed as we consciously and continuously reform and recreate our own lives and society; only then will ours be a lasting, self-sustaining, trans-generational revolution, life to life and mind to mind, heart to heart and soul to soul . . . awareness to awareness . . . building to a critical mass, a quantum leap in human awareness.

We must be aware.

For without awareness democracy will fail, planetary unification will be impossible, and planetary extinction will become only a matter of time.

Our hearts must be enflamed.

For this is the hour of greatest peril.

For this is the hour of greatest hope.

America is fighting an undeclared Third World War.

Engaged worldwide, on every social, economic, political, and military front, against the Wahabi heretics and planetary criminals of Al-Qaeda, American forces are also deployed in Bosnia, Kosovo, Columbia, The Philippines, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

We, the People of The United States of America, must not be blindly led or silenced, but must now actively ask not whom we are fighting against, but what we are fighting for.

This global struggle has economic and social ramifications around the planet.

America must be prepared for the long years ahead.

World War III is unlike any conflict in history.

We must recognize The War Against Terrorism And Weapons Of Mass Destruction for what it really is: The War Of Planetary Unification.

There is no capital we can conquer, no territory we can occupy, and declare that victory has been won.

This conflict will not be decided by clash of arms alone.

World War III must be a global struggle against the causes of war.

What we fight for, how we fight, who, if anyone, fights alongside us, and who ultimately ends the war and holds power during the peace, will all determine whose planetary unification shapes and governs the world of our children’s children.

Is it to be American corporate globalization imposed and maintained by American military, economic, and media domination, or e-democratic planetary unification negotiated by the free people of Earth and maintained through a strengthened United Nations?

A new United Nations Center, rising from the ruins of Ground Zero, the very site where World War III began on September 11th, 2001, will be both a symbol of renewed American commitment to a planetary resolution of the planetary issues which truly caused and perpetuate the war, a planetization of American foreign policy, and a rejection of the unilateral imperial hubris which threatens to tarnish our nation in the eyes of the People of Earth.

The eternal memorial to the victims of September 11th will not be discerned down in the footprints of the fallen buildings, but will arise out of our vision for the use of the site.

How can we negotiate commerce, shop, rent hotel rooms, and enjoy restaurants constructed on the hallowed ground where so many died?

Each life lost remains of itself forever meaningful; each endures in living memorial within the heart of every person ever touched by those who were taken from us, but it is through this decision that history and human memory will assign meaning to their sacrifice.

A new use, a new vision for the site, will produce something not yet seen: something that will stand for a thousand years; not only the tallest building, for even the height of the Green Tower will be eclipsed in time, but something which captures, embodies, and expresses that which is highest and unchanging in the human spirit; something which aspires to true greatness and therefore grows ever more beautiful, ever more meaningful, and ever more moving, with every passing year and with every passing generation.

Seizing this moment in history, seizing this moment of truth, we, the American people as a planetary people, must join with all Earth.

Free Humanity must seek a vision in harmony with the free heart’s highest vision.

In that vision the mind’s eye of Humanity, the heart’s eye of Humanity, gazing as one planet upon that site and upon our future, will see, will know, will recognize, the future planetary parliament, the Green Tower, the new United Nations Center of Earth.

In changing the significance of The World Trade Center site, no planetary outlaw can attack the Green Tower without the entire planet hunting down the perpetrator.

A new United Nations Center rising from the ruins of Ground Zero will be a planetary memorial for all of Earth’s victims, fully consecrated to creating a better world, and will be the most fitting tribute to the victims of September 11th.

A new United Nations Center, crowned by the Green Tower reaching, like human aspiration, toward the stars, will grace the city of New York and honor its people.

New Yorkers who know their city to be a shining cosmopolitan jewel among the greatest cities of Earth must now embrace the opportunity for their city to be the renewed seat of a United Nations strong enough, supported enough, to transform globalization into planetary unification and New York City into a planetary capital and I urge all Americans to lend their voice to this vision.

The United Nations has recently warned that the people of Earth face thirty years in which increasing natural disasters and environmental degradation will endanger humanity.

Upon the signing of the Rome Declaration which created The NATO-Russia Council in May 2002, Vaclav Havel, then President of The Czech Republic, cautioned against creating “the impression that the more affluent Northern Hemisphere is uniting at the expense of the Southern Hemisphere” and he urged that “one way or another, the entire planet should move toward unity.”.

Earth spends nine hundred billion dollars per year on weapons even as forty thousand of our children under the age of five starve to death every single day and forty million of our brothers and sisters die of hunger each year.

The end of World War III, the peace, order, and security of planetary unification, will not be achieved until ignorance, poverty, hunger, and oppression, the root causes of terrorism and war, are defeated.

American will and resolve must be clear, but our purpose and our effort must be harnessed to planetary action through the United Nations.

If the government of a nation-state oppresses its own people, that nation-state must be excluded from outside assistance, from trading in the global economy, and from planetary unification.

If the government of a nation-state gives aid, comfort, or shelter to any terrorist individual or organization, or arms such criminals with either conventional weapons or Weapons of Mass Destruction; if that government commits genocide or wages aggressive war; if that government threatens its neighbors with Weapons of Mass Destruction, then that government must be removed from power through United Nations action; its leaders must be arrested by United Nations Peacekeepers of the Planetary Coalition; its leaders must be indicted, tried, convicted, and sentenced by the International Criminal Court, and that nation-state must be occupied and administered as United Nations Trust Territory until any humanitarian crisis is ended, free elections are held, the economic and social infrastructure is repaired, and civilization under the rule of law is restored.

We face a choice between enlightened planetary awareness and oblivion.

The United States of America can now use its influence and its wealth, its media, social, economic, and military power, to unite the planet or to divide it.

The World War which began on September 11th, 2001 must be about freedom: our nation’s freedom; our planet’s freedom; the freedom of all Humanity’s children.

We must free our world.

We must first free ourselves.

The Internet must be turned into a Weapon of Mass Instruction.

Utilizing Weapons of Mass Instruction, the People of Earth must organize planetary human resistance in a leaderless cyber-revolution of awareness, ideas, and grassroots action.

We create the fear, the danger, and the oppression.

We must end it.

We build the walls.

We must bring them down.

There is more than enough to go around.

We just need to use what we have more efficiently.

We must give ourselves the tools to awaken, inform, empower, and organize ourselves, to take control of our own fate through a grassroots planetary e-democratic cyber-alliance of Independent voters, candidates, parties, non-governmental organizations, non-profit groups, concerned citizens, and students united for planetary awareness and global action.

We must go around the power brokers to organize peaceful, non-violent revolution in a way that can’t be controlled or stopped.

We must assemble a new cyber-party, not from “the ground-up” . . . for all of the pieces are already in place and more are being added every moment with the continuous expansion of the Internet, more are being added with the masses of citizens buying computers and going on-line each day . . . but by outlining the concept, by proposing the process, by raising a banner and showing what is possible, by bringing together all of the separate pieces, by triggering a shift and a realignment in the flow of forces, energy, awareness, and attention which causes our people to seek union and undertake action of their own accord.

We must create the new paradigm: a political party which is not monolithic and not ideological, but a party of many candidates and many points of view, brought together in the search for common ground and common action; a party which fosters individual awareness and empowerment, yet also offers a united front for massed, concentrated awareness and influence; a party which is open enough, strong enough, to tolerate and encourage the widest range of philosophical and ideological beliefs from all colors and flavors of the political spectrum under one name, one roof, united around the central, unifying commitment to a democratic process; an effective, broad-based coalition, easily massed and mobilized, easily shifted and moved; a guerrilla force of cyber-revolutionaries which emerges and exists everywhere at once.

Free Humanity must arise everywhere, in every city, in every nation, all over Earth, simultaneously, as people of heart and awareness unite in an outpouring of planetary patriotism, in a revolution of awareness and ideas powered by the Human Spirit, and must initiate a leaderless, spontaneous, on-going, mass linkage of each separate web-presence to a central web-base.

Such linkage may be accomplished immediately. The additional economic cost will be almost non-existent.

Each Independent, retaining his or her independence, connected through each computer to every other individual, party, non-governmental or non-profit organization, for maximum effect.

Where there is common agreement there can be common action. All Independents remain free to pursue a sovereign, separate path without the danger of ideological splintering and party division, but all become able to communicate information immediately, all become able to mass public reaction suddenly and without warning at any place and at any time anywhere in the world, for concentrated, irresistible, force, momentum, and impact in a magnification of awareness and action, in a wave of massed societal change.

We must accelerate the transformation, the planetary shift and realignment now under way, reaching for harmony and balance while seeking to temper its disruptive effects.

We must get ahead of the crisis. We must keep the citadel of civilization safely above the rising tide of fear and hatred.

We must solve the problems which are burdening our People, destroying our Planet, and fanning the flames of World War.

We must overwhelm the system, flood the system, with awareness and coordinated action . . . by you.

As Robert F. Kennedy noted in his June 6, 1966 speech to the University of Capetown, South Africa:

“Only earthbound man still clings to the dark and poisoning superstition that his world is bounded by the nearest hill, his universe ended at the river shore, his common humanity enclosed in the tight circle of those who share his town and views and the color of his skin.

It is your job, the task of the young people of this world, to strip the last remnants of that ancient, cruel belief from the civilization of man.

This world demands the qualities of youth: not a time of life but a state of mind; a temper of the will; a quality of the imagination; a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the love of ease.

It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped.

Each time a man stands up for an ideal, acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”

Freedom, true homeland security, and human survival require that World War III must be ended and Earth must be united before our people descend into the long fading twilight of planetary civil war.

Our nation needs your help.

Our planet needs your help.

Let the world go forth from this time and place that the Torch of the Generations has been passed again . .

Passed to a New Generation . . .

Passed to you.

Passed to a Generation dragged against its will into a World War it did not seek, but which it seeks to end.

Passed to a Generation prepared for the life’s work of a hard and ever-vigilant peace.

Let this revolution be about you. Let this revolution be about your awareness, your freedom, and your life.

Let this revolution awaken the awareness, the freedom, and the life within everyone around you.

You will make the difference between American freedom and American tyranny.

You will make the difference between planetary unification and planetary extinction.



MUADIN, a 2004 candidate for President of The United States
(I-Massachusetts) and founder of the E-Democratic Party, is one of today’s most inspiring motivational speakers and President of The Planet Pilgrims Center For E-Democracy And Planetary Awareness.

Through his Presidential Campaign, the global grassroots work of The Planet Pilgrims Center, and the charitable endeavors of The Planet Pilgrims Foundation, MUADIN and his wife, Jessica, seek to move the issues of E-Democracy and Planetary Unification into the mainstream for due consideration by the American People and the People of Earth.

MUADIN and Mrs. Muadin continue to endow the scholarships and grants awarded annually by The Planet Pilgrims Foundation through their contribution of ten percent of the income from all MUADIN: Seminars In Planetary Awareness toward The Planet Pilgrims Trust.

As President of The Planet Pilgrims Center and Leader of the Seminars In Planetary Awareness, MUADIN continues over a decade and a half of work for greater awareness of the citizens’ issues which affect the American people and all citizens of Earth. He has been both a talk show host and guest commentator on radio and television since 1990.

The essays of MUADIN are regularly featured in leading publications.


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